Allergic Rhinitis and Hospital Readmission

Did you know that individuals with chronic rhinitis (nasal allergy, chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, non allergic sinusitis ) have a high risk of comorbidity for 30 day hospital readmission if they have been admitted to a hospital with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD?

A retrospective cohort study was performed in Cincinnati, Ohio using a large hospital database reviewing patient charts of hospital readmission for asthma and COPD in 30 days after discharge, looking at data from June 15, 2012 to July 19, 2017. They had 4,754 asthma discharges and 2,176 COPD discharges from hospital. Researchers looked at relevant comorbidities like allergic rhinitis AR (nasal allergy), non allergic rhinitis NAR, obesity, hypertension, etc.

The study concluded that chronic nasal inflammation or chronic rhinitis CR as comorbid factor was significantly associated with 30-day asthma and COPD related ER and hospital readmission. There were a few more males and African Americans in the asthma group and significantly more African Americans in the COPD group, readmitted within 30 days.

It appears that controlling the causes of chronic sinusitis would decrease hospital readmission for asthma and COPD. The way to control chronic rhinitis is to find a professional who specializes in this field, and who can address all of the causes of chronic sinus inflammation. A board-certified allergist can determine the root of the problem, discovering whether the cause is allergic or non-allergic. Then, the cause can be treated with either medication, avoidance, or allergy desensitization.

Source: Umesh Singh MD, PhD ... J Allergy Clinical Immunology Pratice Parameters January 2019